A guaranteed supply!

If the turbocharger is defective, nothing will work. And that’s simply not an option! We have therefore come up with a new idea for how we can supply our MAHLE turbochargers to repair shops and motorists even more quickly in the future. Over the coming year, our products will become available to purchase via even more distributors—including turbo specialists and online shops!

Quick delivery, clean installation

A turbocharger rarely comes unsupported: with MAHLE, you get everything you need for a clean and cost-effective replacement—from oil lines and mounting kits to oil and air filters. And it all comes from a single source! Nothing about that is going to change—quite the opposite!

At MAHLE, your high-performance turbocharger comes with a mounting kit for various vehicle applications.

Full speed ahead!

MAHLE Aftermarket has been continuously developing and producing turbochargers for a variety of vehicle applications for almost ten years, and this will not change. We are expanding our aftermarket portfolio even further to include heavy-duty vehicles, vans, and agricultural and construction machinery, among other products.

More products, more tips, more success

Good products are one thing, but good information is something else. This is another area in which MAHLE Aftermarket aims to give you even better support in the future. With our practical training programs for repair shops and comprehensive technical advice in the form of installation videos and Technical Messengers, we are sure to answer all your questions.

Why not give yourself and your repair shop a turbo boost!



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