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our damage brochures

In our new damage brochures for starters and alternators, we have compiled typical damage patterns for you in a compact form.

At a glance, you will find causes and tips for preventing such cases in the future. In this way, we want to make it easier for you to find possible causes. We hope that our experience will contribute to a long and reliable function of MAHLE products and a corresponding engine service life. And most of all, we wish you success with a quick and perfect repair!

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As one of the most important development partners and manufacturers of engine components and systems in the automotive industry, we at MAHLE develop products of the highest quality together with engine and vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

The same strict guidelines also apply to spare parts for the aftermarket. We ensure the high level of MAHLE products through multiple controls. But of course, none of this can prevent unexpected failures that sometimes occur in practical operation-often due to causes in the engine environment or as a result of operating errors, improper installation, or unsuitable operating materials. In our damage brochures, we have compiled a compact list of typical damage patterns for you. You will find causes and tips for avoiding such damage in the future as well as important repair hacks at a glance - clearly explained and illustrated.

In addition, our experts are also available to help you with complex damage processes, the explanation of which would be beyond the scope of the brochures. In such cases, we will examine the products on our premises and prepare a damage report for you. Please simply contact your sales partner.


We regularly provide technical tips relating to the powertrain, thermal management, and mechatronics in automobiles.


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