Shift into high gear—with the ATX 180 from MAHLE

Vehicles with automatic transmissions are an increasingly common sight on the streets of Europe—and their numbers are on the rise. Get a jump start on this trend by providing the right services—such as automatic transmission flushing with the ATX 180—in your workshop. Rafal Sosnowski, an expert on the subject, reveals what advantages the MAHLE system offers and why it’s worth purchasing.

Automatic, practical, good

FluidPRO® ATX 180

Automatic transmissions have become very popular for a good reason: automatic shifting increases driving comfort and enables fast gear changes while transmitting the same amount of torque—and that means more sportiness, enhanced safety, and greater efficiency. At the same time, however, automatic transmissions are becoming more and more complex and require regular maintenance.

MAHLE’s answer to this is its newest unit for the flushing of automatic transmissions: the ATX 180 from its FluidPRO® series. The ATX 180 is easy to operate and performs the flushing process automatically. It also boasts the following features:

  • E3 Database: This user-friendly database gives you quick access to extensive information on important vehicle specifications, such as transmission oil quantity, service point, adapter type, and AT filter.
  • E3 Zero Cross: This fast program helps you to change oil types safely and conveniently.
  • E3 Complete: The easy and intuitive instructions quickly guide you through the entire automatic service.

Transmission flushing—the road to success

Faced with the same choice, Rafal Sosnowski would opt for the MAHLE ATX 180 again and again. That’s because his investment has more than paid off in record time! In our expert interview, he explains what he loves about the ATX 180 and why he is now able to offer his customers the best automatic transmission service.

Comparison of oil change methods: Green = static oil change: 40%–60% of the oil is replaced; Green + purple = dynamic oil change: 90%–100% of the oil is replaced

MAHLE: Mr. Sosnowski, what do you think of the dynamic automatic transmission flushing service compared with the conventional method?
Sosnowski: With conventional static flushing, only about 40 to 60 percent of the transmission oil is replaced. This is because oil remains behind in a large part of the transmission. The dynamic method, by contrast, guarantees that nearly all of the oil is replaced. So minor transmission malfunctions, such as jerking or slight slips caused by used or contaminated oil, can often be eliminated. What’s more, we have never had any complaints of diminished transmission operation after a dynamic oil flush has been performed.

MAHLE: MAHLE Service Solutions launched its newest automatic transmission service unit in 2017. What features of the ATX 180 do you particularly appreciate?
Sosnowski: I like the rapid service function the most—it’s a time-saving process step that we use a lot. I also love the internal cleaning mode, which we activate every time we need to use a new oil type. This mode prevents the mixing of incompatible oil types inside the transmission.

MAHLE: Why do you think this unit in particular is so good?
Sosnowski: We have been using various dynamic oil change systems in our workshop since 2010. During its development, we were able to incorporate our many years of experience into the new unit. The ATX 180 therefore offers a number of functions that other units don’t have.
As professionals in the field of automatic transmissions, we place the greatest value on the following features:

  • Two different oil pumps for new and used oil
  • Smooth control of pump efficiency
  • Interchangeable transmission oil tanks
  • The ZERO CROSS function that prevents cross contamination between different types of oils—especially important when changing the oil in automatic converter and dual clutch transmissions
  • Our own database containing lots of useful information
  • Ergonomic adapters and connectors
  • Connecting hoses with check valves that are easy to connect to the transmission and can be disconnected without the risk of burns due to hot oil
  • The automatic circulation mode function that kicks in when the power supply is interrupted

MAHLE: What’s the biggest advantage for your workshop?
Sosnowski: We’ve benefitted tremendously by introducing dynamic oil changes as one of our services. Our revenue from oil sales has increased several times over, and demand for filters and oil pan gaskets is growing. And our customers are extremely satisfied because we are often able to fix minor transmission malfunctions using the dynamic method. All in all, we have successfully established ourselves as a leading supplier in a niche market.

Rafal Sosnowski in his workshop with the MAHLE ATX 180 (

MAHLE: Of course, the purchase of this type of unit is an investment. What’s the return on investment, and how has it paid off for you?
Sosnowski: Our customers fall into two groups. The first group includes drivers who want to make sure their vehicle retains its value. These drivers therefore have the transmission oil changed regularly. Many of them weren’t even aware of the advantages of changing the oil until we showed them. The other customers come to us with a problem: The transmission slips when changing gears, or the gear change is rough and sometimes jerky. Or the clutch does not disengage when braking before an intersection. Dynamic oil changes can help here. In both cases, we benefit not only from the service itself, but also from the oil and spare parts sales.

MAHLE: How many automatic transmission oil services do you typically perform each week and each month?
Sosnowski: To start with, we averaged one service per week. We now carry out between three and five oil changes a day. We have three dedicated systems. That makes transmission oil servicing one of our most profitable areas of business. In our case, the purchase of the ATX 180 paid for itself in just a few months.

MAHLE: Finally, what is your recommendation for workshop operators who do not yet have an ATX 180 but want to offer automatic transmission flushing services in the future?
Sosnowski: My advice is to go for it straightaway. Bypass the semiautomatic systems. Don’t settle for standard connectors and adapters that aren’t compatible with every transmission. The ATX 180 is undoubtedly one of the pricier alternatives, but the increase in efficiency more than makes up for the price tag. Not to mention the boost it will give to your workshop’s reputation!

Learn more about the ATX 180

You’ll find more information about the unit on the MAHLE Aftermarket website under 'Products' >> 'Workshop equipment'.
The product flyer is available for download here.
Soon you’ll be able to see a video demonstration of how the flushing process works and how to operate the unit. We’ll let you know as soon as the clip is available on our MAHLE YouTube channel.
If you have any other questions, simply reach out to the following contacts:
+49 711 501-14000
+49 711 501-14003

And, speaking of changes ...

Suction side transmission oil filter by MAHLE

An automatic transmission service naturally also includes changing the transmission oil filter—after all, it’s the filter that keeps abraded particles out of the transmission and minimizes wear and tear. As a systems provider, MAHLE also has a comprehensive range of transmission oil filters. And we have been steadily expanding our product line since 2017—see for yourself in our online catalog.


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