For a great condition of your air-conditioning

Every two years your cars climate needs a refresh. Only regular maintenance can assure you clean and reliable air-conditioning in your vehicle. In our video we will show you how to ease up the process of service and how to properly use our air-conditioning service devices of the MAHLE ArcticPro® series. We guide you through the whole procedure from choosing the right vehicle model, through replacing the refrigerating agent, on to explaining the differences of the performance tests, until the final printing a customer receipt.

Ecologic, economic and efficient

In our video we will show you all the benefits of our air-conditioning service devices such as the MAHLE E3 – CONNECT quick release system and the opportunity of unpressurized uncoupling.


About the refrigerant circuit and tips regarding the A/C service.

You will find more information about the MAHLE ArcticPRO A/C service units programme for the refrigerant R134a and R1234yf here.

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