Become an air conditioning expert with MAHLE

No matter what automobile brand you have on the lift platform, MAHLE now has the right compressors for you in its range. Our new product range of MAHLE Original air conditioning compressors is huge—and every single part is backed by all our expertise as an OEM!

Green light for an optimal climate

When the temperature in the cabin is optimal, this is due to a sophisticated piece of technology. The core component of vehicle air conditioning is the air conditioning compressor, which is usually driven by the vehicle engine via a V-ribbed belt. It compresses the gaseous refrigerant and forwards it to the condenser, where the compressed gas loses pressure and cools down.

With our new air conditioning compressors product group, we’re now offering access to top quality.

Find the fitting AC compressor here:

Start range sheet [PDF; 1491 KB]

The benefits for you

  • The initial range already covers all major applications for your market: around 70 million passenger cars and delivery vans, as well as premium commercial vehicles in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • MAHLE Original has two lines: IAM Standard and a Premium range for the highest performance and quality standards.
  • The new air conditioning compressors are available from your usual distributors.
  • As air conditioning experts, you can now offer your customers a worry-free package: air conditioning compressors, A/C service, and cabin air filters.

This video shows you quick and easy how to install an AC compressor correctly:


installation instruction [PDF; 1087 KB]

How to make air conditioning compressors last longer

An air conditioning compressor usually lasts a car’s entire lifetime. Insufficient or incorrect maintenance of the air conditioning circuit, however, can lead to compressor damage. Penetrating moisture or a lack of oil can then result in defects.

Disturbing noises develop and the cooling capacity is reduced. The HVAC system can even break down completely, requiring the air conditioning compressor to be replaced!

Signs that the air conditioning compressor has been damaged or has failed include:

  • Coolant leaking from the compressor
  • Insufficient cooling, or absence of cooling
  • Noise
  • Error messages in the air conditioning control unit or central control unit

Possible causes of compressor failure:

  • Incorrect installation
  • Insufficient compressor oil or refrigerant
  • Leaks in the air conditioning system
  • Damage to individual air conditioning components
  • Solid matter contamination (metal swarf, etc.)
  • Moisture in the air conditioning circuit (due to corrosion, etc.)

MAHLE goes all out for air conditioning

In the long run, even a first-class air conditioning compressor can only perform at its best when it’s part of a good team. Of course, MAHLE has these products in its range, too!

MAHLE cabin air filters

They prevent contamination and irreparable consequential damage to the HVAC system and heating. The new CareMetix© cabin air filter provides even greater protection—protection you can feel—against pollen, soot, mold, bacteria, and odors. Click here for more information!

MAHLE air conditioning service units

MAHLE A/C service units guarantee professional maintenance and correct compressor replacement. Read on to discover more!

  • Mini 5CVC compressor
  • LAO 75 – CareMetix®
  • Our ArticPRO® line

You’ll find further information about the air conditioning compressor on our MAHLE Aftermarket homepage:

MAHLE Aftermarket


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