Hidden behind sheet metal or plastic panels or embedded in circuits, filters carry out heavy-duty work. They filter air and fluids so that vehicles can function optimally. As they are system- and safety-relevant components, they should be treated with the necessary care.

Filters need to be looked after. Regular replacement helps to prevent excessive fuel consumption, reduced engine performance, and poor-quality air in the passenger compartment. Your best option is to use high-quality filters from MAHLE. They offer excellent quality and a long service life—guaranteeing satisfied customers. In our opinion, filters belong in the spotlight!

The fuel filter


Wins the award for . . .

its tireless efforts to keep dirt particles and water away from the injection system. Because the only good fuel is clean fuel. A clogged filter can reduce engine performance. Irregular jerking during throttle response can also be a cry for help from the silent hero. Fuel filters from MAHLE meet the high safety standards of automobile manufacturers and ensure leaktightness even in the event of accidents. For the fuel filter to work properly, it must be replaced regularly in accordance with the intervals prescribed by the automobile manufacturer.

Technical tip:
After changing the filter, you should bleed the fuel system. Otherwise, serious damage can quickly occur. It’s best to fill the new filter with fuel before installation to prevent it from running dry.

Efficient water separation

Water in diesel is a constant threat to the affected vehicle components. It causes metal parts to rust and reduces the lubricity of the fuel, which can clog the fuel pump. With the new CleanLine spin-on oil filter, MAHLE offers optimal protection for commercial vehicles with diesel engines.

The oil filter


This is a silent hero . . .

because it not only allows engines to run smoothly, but also ensures they are lubricated with clean engine oil. The size of a tin can, it does its job reliably and keeps dust, metal abrasion, and soot away from the engine.

The stable pleat geometry of MAHLE oil filters ensures cold-start stability—peak loads of up to 20 bar are compensated by the high pressure resistance of the housing. A bypass valve also guarantees the oil supply under all conditions—during cold-start phases, at low outside temperatures, and even when a filter element is badly clogged.

Technical tip:
Always replace the oil filter with the appropriate new gasket. You should also coat the gaskets with fresh engine oil prior to installation. The silent hero will thank you for it!

For removal only!

When using spin-on oil filters in the MAHLE OC series, you will need a special tool (OCS) to loosen the filter so you can replace it during the oil change. However, the oil filter removal tool may only be used for loosening, not for tightening the new filter. Otherwise, you could damage the coated surface of the filter housing, causing corrosion and oil leakage.

The cabin filter


Deservedly at the center of attention . . .

because it keeps the air clean—on a grand scale. More than 100,000 liters of air enter the cabin every hour. The filter keeps pollen and fine particulates out, for example, and prevents windows from fogging up. So, occupants can breathe deeply at all times—and even upholstery and headlining stay permanently clean when you use high-quality filters.

Technical tip:
Although clogged cabin filters don’t immediately put a vehicle out of action, you should nevertheless encourage your customers to replace them regularly. By doing so, you’ll protect the air conditioning system from contamination too.

Take a safe breath!

The air we breathe is often polluted with harmful, allergenic substances and odors that conventional filters can’t eliminate. The solution: CareMetix® with S5 broadband technology. Five layers for five-fold protection.

The air filter


Belongs in the limelight . . .

because you need clean air to ensure an optimal combustion process in the engine. The air filter cleans foreign particles out of the intake air. These can be tiny grains of dust or larger objects such as leaves and insects. MAHLE air filters keep out up to 99.9% of dust, soot, and tire particles, and contribute to an optimal air–fuel mixture.

The high particle retention capacity ensures a long service life—even under extreme conditions such as heat, cold, or chemical influences. It also prevents premature wear of the valves, cylinder surfaces, piston rings, bearings, and other engine components.

Technical tip:
Make sure that the filter is correctly positioned in the air filter housing. This is the only way to ensure that the engine isn’t drawing in unfiltered air.

The transmission oil filter


This is a hidden star of the filter world . . .

because it keeps even complex automatic transmissions performing effectively for a long time. As registration figures for vehicles with automatic transmissions rise, this silent hero is also becoming increasingly important. MAHLE transmission oil filters reliably remove abrasion particles from the transmission and thus provide effective protection against damage.

Technical tip:
Don’t just change the oil and transmission oil filters regularly—you should also use our transmission flushing units to flush the entire transmission.

  • Find out more about the transmission oil service in this flyer [PDF; 715 KB]


The FluidPRO® ATX 180 replaces up to 100% of the oil in just one cycle. But the unit also boasts countless other beneficial features, including a service time of just five to ten minutes and numerous adapter sets covering around 90% of commercially available automatic transmissions.

Find out more about MAHLE FluidPRO®

The air drier cartridge


This component deserves a medal . . .

because it removes moisture from the compressed air in truck brake systems, preventing humidity and thus corrosion in parts such as lines and pressure vessels. It also reliably filters deposits such as oil drops or oil carbon out of the system.

Air drier cartridges from MAHLE operate irrespective of the temperature. They contain a drying agent that is regenerated under system control—at the same time, contamination from the prefilter and condensation water is removed. They are also resistant to corrosion on both the inside and the outside, and work reliably even under the most difficult of conditions.

Technical tip:
The air drier is a safety-relevant component of the brake system. It is therefore very important that it works properly. All commercial vehicle manufacturers require air drier cartridges to be replaced regularly.

The urea filter


This is another star component . . .

because it ensures that nitrogen oxides (NOX) can be optimally converted into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) in modern diesel trucks and passenger cars with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems. The liquid used for this (AdBlue®) is carried in a separate small tank in the vehicle. MAHLE’s urea filter removes any contaminants, so the conversion is carried out properly and the SCR system protected from wear.

Technical tip:
AdBlue® ages quickly at high temperatures and can become unusable due to contamination and bacteria. You must therefore replace the urea filter regularly.

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MAHLE filters: a clean solution

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With MAHLE products, you can be sure that you always have a piece of German engineering in your hands. That’s because we produce our products for original equipment and the aftermarket around the world according to the same processes and quality measures. So, it’s full speed ahead for our everyday heroes!

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With our dual strategy, we’re playing an active role in shaping the future of sustainable mobility and developing pioneering filtration solutions for alternative drives such as fuel cell and high-voltage battery systems. Our product range for vehicles with alternative drives already comprises more than 300 filters.


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