With R134a and R1234yf, vehicle workshops now have to deal with two different refrigerants, which must not be mixed under any circumstances. With the IDX 500, MAHLE offers you an analysis unit that tells you precisely which of these refrigerants is in the air conditioning system.

The A/C service is a lucrative business for vehicle workshops. To stay competitive in the A/C business, you’ll need to invest in a new air conditioning station for the refrigerant R1234yf. And that’s not all: a refrigerant analysis unit like the IDX 500 from MAHLE should be a fixture of every vehicle workshop.

The new internal analysis unit can only be used in combination with a MAHLE ACX A/C service unit. The IDX 500 can be easily integrated into the ACX air conditioning station using plug and play functionality. The unit features an LP coupling for safe analysis. It’s simple to operate and fully automated—you immediately receive a measurement of the purity of the refrigerant in storage bottles or in the vehicle’s air conditioning system. The refrigerant identifier is faster than the previous model, detects mixtures in any concentration, and thus protects the service unit from an “air conditioning virus.”

No mixing!

92 percent. In the case of a lower yf purity, many vehicle manufacturers stipulate that the A/C system must be evacuated and flushed, and the refrigerant separated and disposed of. The A/C service unit must also be cleaned. This costs a lot of time and money, which could easily be saved.

A refrigerant analysis should be carried out before every air conditioning check. After all, it’s impossible to know in advance whether the correct refrigerant or purity was used during the previous A/C service. Mixing the refrigerants could result in the vehicle having its registration withdrawn. The MAHLE IDX 500 reliably identifies the refrigerant in the system and the A/C service unit needed to recover it. So, stay on the safe side during an A/C service by analyzing the refrigerant beforehand using the MAHLE IDX 500.

These are all the benefits at a glance:

  • Clear identification of the refrigerant in the system
  • Precise indication of the equipment to be used for recovery
  • Certainty of knowing that the wrong refrigerant won’t get into your unit
  • One analysis module for both refrigerants
  • Protection against system and unit malfunction and contamination
  • Expensive cleaning and unnecessary disposal avoided
  • Time and money savings

The rescue team

If the MAHLE IDX 500 tells you that the refrigerant in the vehicle is unknown or contaminated, you need to take action. For these cases, there is the MAHLE ROU (RECOVERY ONLY UNIT), which MAHLE has developed in cooperation with several automobile manufacturers. The unit is connected between the vehicle air conditioning system and the MAHLE ACX A/C service unit and extracts the contaminated coolant mixture safely and efficiently. The A/C service unit doesn’t come into contact with the hazardous mixture at any time.

The ROU is a compact unit used to recover refrigerant in a separate, closed circuit. It has no electrical components, and no other materials or supplies are required—the unit is only operated in conjunction with an existing A/C service unit. The entire extraction process takes just 30 minutes. The professional and safe disposal offered by the device protects people and the environment. The patented internal circuit guarantees a fast service with a recovery rate of 95% of the refrigerant.

The ROU offers the following benefits:

  • Safe operation: risk-free, reliable, and efficient recovery
  • Easy handling: lightweight, compact, transportable unit
  • Faster service: no additional media required
  • Unique technology: already patent-pending!



The formula for A/C service units from MAHLE:

E³ = Ecological × Economical × Efficient
E³ – FILL: Always ready for use, regardless of the vehicle and ambient temperature.
Benefit: Successful filling guaranteed.
E³ – CONNECT: Complete recovery of refrigerant from hoses and couplings.
Benefit: No loss of expensive refrigerant.

E³ technology from MAHLE ensures A/C services are ecological, economical, and efficient. Workshops that choose A/C service units from MAHLE also benefit from our Europe-wide service network, technical support, thorough instruction, and comprehensive training.

Want to learn even more about our powerful models for A/C system maintenance? Click here [PDF; 930 KB] to view the full ARCTICPRO range.


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