Transmission oil service - a profitable business for your workshop!

How the MAHLE ATX 280 supports your service

Why does an automatic vehicle jerk?

The devil is in the details, better said, in the filter: On the right side of the picture, can see a filter with about 60,000 kilometers with an automatic transmission. Abrasion and suspended particles in the oil prevent a clean frictional connection of the laminae clutch.

If the oil film between the plates breaks off too late and only under increased oil pressure, this now closes abruptly instead of gently - an effect that your customer feels in the form of shift pressure.

Now it's time for a transmission oil change. And that's where the transmission oil service unit from MAHLE comes in

It's that simple: Connect, select vehicle ... done

The ATX 280 guides you through all the steps with photo-realistic images. Simply start the engine, shift through the gears according to the instructions and the device begins to work.


At the beginning of the process, you can clearly see the difference between new and contaminated oil. Towards the end of the flushing process, the colors equalize - a sign that all impurities have been removed from the system.

Transmission oil service - a true benefit for you, and your customers

You may be asking yourself, is it worth offering a gear oil service to your customers? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Because not only can you open up a whole new area of business, but you can also protect your customers' vehicles from damage. If they then experience the same or similar performance as a new car when they leave the workshop, they will be thrilled and happy to come back.


MAHLE will guide you through the entire process - with the right service equipment, information, adapter, filter and tightening torques. Plus, you have the option to purchase the right filter kit with one click. Simply MAHLE.

Next level transmission oil service - the MAHLE FluidPRO® ATX 280

It can be this easy: The new design of the FluidPRO® line makes transmission oil service easier for you thanks to the large touch display and the new graphic interface. For your workshop this means fully automatic support and step-by-step instructions - all integrated in the software. The station automatically detects the direction of oil flow in the transmission and actively prevents damage to the system. The Wifi connection ensures constant updates as well as remote support and offers the option of printing the final report directly from your workshop PC.


The dedicated app increases productivity in your workshop. When operating, you can move freely around the workshop and always have an eye on all ongoing processes via the app. When changing oil types, the container can be quickly replaced. Purity is ensured by an internal washing process. The device is already available since the beginning of the year! You can find more information about the matching transmission oil filters here