More than just a good job: you´re doing GREAT WORK!

Hi there, all you doers and makers, mechanics, and car doctors!

You’re the ones working every day to ensure millions of people around the world stay mobile. Keeping a cool head when things get complicated. Responding quickly and flexibly when you’re needed. Learning new skills for the mobility of the future. And you’re even prepared to get your hands dirty to achieve the impossible. That makes you – and your shops – the real heroes.

We have respect for your performance!

After all, having an experienced, dependable, and innovative partner is all the more important at a time when mobility is rapidly changing, and economical, climate-friendly combustion engines exist alongside alternative drive concepts.

A partner who not only guarantees quality, reliability, and expertise but also knows how to navigate routes that no one has traveled before. Letting you focus on your job and making sure everything runs as smoothly as it should when it comes to repairs and maintenance. So that, in the end, the only thing that takes center stage is what really counts: your GREAT WORK!

So, how do you actually do great work?

It´s clear, GREAT WORK requires a team effort! We are your partner who has your back and we are offering an ever-expanding product portfolio that covers the following areas:

  • Engine components
  • Gaskets
  • Filters
  • Engine cooling & air conditioning
  • Starter motors & alternators
  • E-mobility & electronics
  • Workshop equipment & diagnostics

That’s what we demand of ourselves!

Everything we do at MAHLE needs to offer workshop owners and mechanics genuine added value. That’s why we regularly ask ourselves the same questions that you ask yourselves too:

  • Does this spare part deliver on its promises?
  • Is availability guaranteed?
  • What’s it like to handle?
  • How can we ensure that maintenance and service is possible across all models?
  • And what’s important when it comes to the mobility of tomorrow?

That’s our philosophy—To be the best today and tomorrow!

We believe that the combustion engine will continue to be the bedrock of your great work for a long time to come. At the same time, we know that the future belongs to e-mobility as well as to other alternative powertrain technologies and fuels. That’s why we’re continuing to pursue both paths by supplying you with the right products and comprehensive service solutions for drives with combustion engines as well as for e-mobility, ranging from cooling and air conditioning to components and filters through workshop equipment and diagnostics.

You can count on us:

  • Over 100 years of original equipment competence
  • OE and OE-matching quality
  • Reliable availability of parts thanks to a comprehensive logistics network
  • Certified authenticity
  • Online catalog, CustomerCare Portal, and e-shop
  • Training opportunities and Technical Messenger

How can great work be straightforward, clean, and forward-looking? Consider these three examples:

Let’s take mahle thermal management first. This means straightforward work!

Supported by efficient drive cooling and air conditioning

If the current trend continues as forecast, we’ll be seeing more and more hybrids and purely electric cars in workshops, alongside combustion engines. And one thing is already certain: thermal management will still play a vital role.

But as workshop owners or mechanics, there’s no need to lose your cool. With our comprehensive product portfolio and wide range of services, we’ll guide and accompany you safely and efficiently through the world of thermal management, today and tomorrow.

Or our filter range: clean work! Supported by reliable filtration

Whether it be powered by a combustion engine, electricity, natural gas, or solar power—we need sustainable mobility. But whichever powertrain technology comes out on top, one thing won’t change: they all need filtration. That’s true for the drive and the transmission as well as for the cabin. And that’s why MAHLE already offers pioneering filtration solutions for alternative drives, such as fuel cell and high-voltage battery systems, in addition to filters for conventional vehicles.

And last, but not least, the tools you use every day: MAHLE workshop equipment and service solutions: forward-looking work! Supported by innovative complete solutions for maintenance and service

To increase comfort, safety, and efficiency, vehicle technologies are becoming ever more complex—and the job of workshops consequently more demanding. Thanks to our workshop equipment for maintenance and diagnostics, workshop owners and service pros like you have been able to count on a strong partner for maintenance and service for over 30 years.