Still in a class of its own: MAHLE SmartBike Systems has set new standards with its e-bike drive systems X20 and X35: lightweight, compact, powerful, intelligent, and highly integrative. By choosing the concept of a hub motor on the rear axle, the company has gone against the general trend of mid-drive motors - with conviction and success.

Advantages of the hub motor on the rear axle

The hub drive has several advantages that may not be known to everyone yet: it is independent of pedaling frequency, which makes it smooth and easy to handle. It is much lighter than comparable systems and can be integrated almost invisibly into the bike.


Since the power is directly transmitted to the wheel by the hub motor, its power delivery efficiency is higher because there is no resistance in the system. And last but not least, your bike with a hub motor is as maintenance-free as a regular bicycle because the motor has no influence on the chainring, chain, or freewheel.


App update: now even smarter

With the new My SmartBike update, your e-bike becomes even more connected. This way, you can analyze your performance after each ride using the key data collected by the app. The app and web solutions provide a wealth of information and customization options: consumption management, health data, ride data analysis, motor power adjustment, battery status (internal and range extender), and much more. This makes your e-bike a true SmartBike. Additionally, we have now integrated 'Mapbox' into the app, allowing you to plan your route and navigate using the map, including voice instructions.

The battery - the heart of your e-bike

We want you to enjoy your e-bike with a MAHLE drive system for a long time. Therefore, we use high-quality cells for both the internal and external battery. However, the battery's capacity decreases over time; it's a natural process. But by following a few tips for using and handling your battery, you can extend its lifespan.

Tips to make the battery last even longer:

  • Always keep your system's software up to date. We will inform you about updates via email.
  • Store batteries in a dry place at room temperature.
  • Never clean the battery or your e-bike with a high-pressure cleaner. High-pressure can allow water to penetrate into the motor bearings, hubs, or rear suspensions. Instead, use a damp cloth or a soft brush and suitable cleaning agents that are not excessively degreasing.
  • Only use an original MAHLE SmartBike Systems charger to charge original MAHLE SmartBike Systems batteries.
  • Do not use an extension cord for charging.
  • Before each use, check the charger for possible damage to the charger, cable, or plug. Do not cover the charger during the charging process.
  • If you plan to store the battery for an extended period (e.g., over the winter), the state of charge (SOC) should be between 30 and 60 percent to avoid deteriorating battery performance.
  • To minimize component wear, keep the battery's state of charge while riding between 20 and 80 percent of its capacity.
  • If the battery is completely discharged (0 percent state of charge), recharge it as soon as possible. Note: It may take some time for the e-bike to turn on when the battery is charged from 0 percent.
  • Note: Regular use of high assistance levels will discharge the battery faster and reduce the lifespan of the components compared to using lower assistance levels.
  • Do not start your ride immediately with maximum assistance. The battery needs to reach its ideal operating temperature first.
  • Avoid reverse charging (sharing the battery or transferring power from another device via cable or wirelessly).

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