Clean is cool: the EGR cooler

This time in “Introducing a product”: the exhaust gas recirculation cooler. Simple principle—clean effect!


MPULSE anniversary edition

With this anniversary issue of MPULSE we are celebrating 100 years of MAHLE – which is a good reason to say thank you and to show you that we are the right partner also for the next 100 years!


Indirect charge air cooling—cool & compact

This time in “Introducing a product”: indirect charge air cooling. For better cooling performance and thus lower emissions—in compact form!


Cool tuning for cooling performance

To start off the year, “Introducing a product” is all about the direct charge air cooler. Higher performance, greater effect, lower emissions!


MAHLE service world

The digital customer portal is the key to your MAHLE service world. Register for free at customercare.mahle.com!


Anniversary quiz

Answer all three questions correctly and you will be entered into the draw automatically and have the chance to win a great prize!

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MPULSE - The magazine

The print issue of MPULSE will come out twice a year.