Pistons from the 3D printer

High-performance engine components from the 3D printer? It may sound like science fiction, but MAHLE is already making this a reality in collaboration with Porsche and Trumpf.


From Simrace to Racetrack

Robert Heger belongs to the junior squad of the successful sim racingTeam BS+Competition. We've interviewed him.


Extensive protection

MAHLE’s cabin filters prevent a variety of different particles from entering the cabin—protecting you and your passengers.


The A/C condenser: hot in, cooled out

Today, as part of our “Introducing a product” series, we’re looking at the air conditioning condenser and its role as a “cool-maker” and “liquefier.”


Musically through the green hell

Porsche 320 in Four Motors design side view

Four Motors starts digitally with MAHLE

Porsche 320 in Four Motors design side view


We regularly provide technical tips relating to the powertrain, thermal management, and mechatronics in automobiles.


MPULSE - The magazine

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