The A/C condenser: hot in, cooled out

Today, as part of our “Introducing a product” series, we’re looking at the air conditioning condenser and its role as a “cool-maker” and “liquefier.”


Musically through the green hell

Porsche 320 in Four Motors design side view

Four Motors starts digitally with MAHLE

Porsche 320 in Four Motors design side view

Aftermarket of tomorrow

MAHLE sees a drive mix as the future of mobility. Read here to find out which cases you and your workshop should be prepared for.


MPULSE wins Award

The MPULSE Mobility Magazine emerged as "Winner" in the category 'Corporate Publishing' at the Automotive Brand Contest 2020!


Better digital!

Is something better simply because it’s digital? Does “digital” really bring advantages? The test results confirm it: yes, digital is better. But we already knew that!



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