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One year of MPULSE means; one year of technology, trends and a lot of fun!

We want to say thank you! Thank you for your interest in our topics, thank you for your feedback and most importantly, thank you for your participation in our activities and competitions. You are our impulse to strive! And, we are looking forward to entertaining you and informing you on what’s to come in the next year. So, don’t go anywhere.

If you would like to submit any questions, concerns or ideas on a regular basis, please send us an e-mail to For each submission, the submittal will receive a surprise gift!

We have put together a short clip for you to watch, in just one year, of what MPULSE has accomplished thus far. Note the colorful mix of technical contributions, captivating films and cool action scenes, with much more to come in the next year!

Have Fun and Enjoy!

Your MPULSE Team



We regularly provide technical tips relating to the powertrain, thermal management, and mechatronics in automobiles.


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