MEET the future!

When it comes to e-mobility, MAHLE is shifting up a gear with future-oriented efficient traction systems and intelligent thermal management.


From the start

Check, disconnect, replace: We'll show you how to get started quickly with your new MAHLE starter.


Short circuit tips #2

It’s not just oil residue that can lead to short circuits in the alternator—overtightened threads can have the same effect. Read our tips for correct mounting!


Flush with cash!

How to use the rise in the number of cars with automatic transmissions to boost your cash flow, and how the MAHLE ATX 180 automatic transmission flushing unit can help.


ECat reloaded

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We regularly provide technical tips relating to the powertrain, thermal management, and mechatronics in automobiles.


MPULSE - The magazine

The print issue of MPULSE will come out twice a year.