The Remake of a classic Part 2

Episode 2: The jaguar specialists start checking Nikos Mark 2 and wonder why it actually was still running.


Quick tips to prevent short circuits

The optimal way to change out the alternator. And: new generation of alternators. In the future, MAHLE Aftermarket will provide even more comprehensive support.


The trouble with a whistling turbo

The trouble with a whistling turbo

When does a turbo make noises and why? MPULSE gets to the bottom of it!


To the Danube metropolis with MAHLE Motorsport

Scuderia Ferrari at the F1 Grand Prix at Hungaroring


Fancy cooling off?

German debut! Pick up a unique cooling module for your refrigerator now.


Our diagnosis: excellent!

Time is money—especially in the workshop. Efficient diagnostic systems from MAHLE can significantly reduce expenditure!


The remake of a classic

Episode 1: Jaguar Mark 2 awakes from a deep sleep and goes to real specialists in the repair shop.


From the racetrack to the streets with MAHLE

Scuderia Ferrari at the F1 Grand Prix at Baku City Circuit


King of the road

Power cell units (PCU) from MAHLE keep truck engines fit to travel more than 30 times around the earth without any wear and tear—now that’s what we call DURABLE!



We regularly provide technical tips relating to the powertrain, thermal management, and mechatronics in automobiles.