Truck facts #3: Good air—good trip!

Greater comfort and a reduction in additional consumption of 83 percent—this is the new MAHLE formula for modern air conditioning systems in commercial vehicles.


And the winner is . . .

The jury is in: congratulations to the coolest workshop! You’ve won the pimped-out ACX 150 as well as some cool watches.


The Remake of a Classic Part 4

Episode 4: After the repair has been professionally "cranked up", custom-made MAHLE pistons are now being used.


Think big. And electric.

MAHLE in the USA—perfectly positioned between tradition and innovation.


Ventilation lightens the load

A top tip if temperature problems occur after the thermostat is changed? Simply let the air out of the cooling circuit!



Man, how time flies! MPULSE has been online for over a year now!


Truck facts #2: Because it’s cool to consume less

MAHLE has it under control: our new approaches toward efficient thermal management in commercial vehicles.


Grab pole position with MAHLE

Have you got what it takes to drive a Formula One car? It's time to find out! With our new app: MAHLE Motorsports Arcade


Finale in Hockenheim for BMW Motorsport

Just two more races will be contested in this year’s DTM, before the 2017 season is condemned to history.



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